Genomics and Species Conservation:

Time to sequence the 'red and the dead'. Nature. 2009.

Tasmanian Devils in the News:

Genome scan may save Tasmanian devils from cancer. Nature. 2009.

A devil of a disease. Science. 2005.

Wildlife disease expert to head Tasmanian devil investigation. ABC News Report. 2006.

Tasmanian devil now officially endangered. ABC News Report. 2007.

New approach to Tasmanian devil fundraising. ABC News Report. 2009.

Devil in the detail. ABC Television Catalyst Online Edition. 2009. Interview is with one of our group leaders, Vanessa Hayes.

Tasmanian Devil Research Links:

Allograft theory of DFTD. Nature. 2006.

Tasmanian devil population in decline. Science. 2006.

Review of DFTD research and species conservation. PLoS Biology. 2006.

Lack of MHC diversity suggested to play a role in DFTD transmission. PNAS. 2007.

Devils respond to DFTD population declines by reproducing at an earlier age. PNAS. 2008.

Review of DFTD research and species conservation. Science. 2008.

Review of cancer and transmission. Nature. 2009.

Tasmanian Devil Websites:


Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment

Save the Tasmanian Devil